Intervention and Recovery Services Charlotte, NC

You can’t scare someone into treatment, but they will go if you inspire them.
— David Luddy

Intervention Services

The love that brought you to this page has the power to initiate the recovery process for your loved one. It's likely that you are feeling anxious, terrified, and alone yet somehow at this moment, you are choosing to take a stand against addiction. That is resilience. Love and resilience are two of the four critical elements needed for a successful intervention. The third element is strategy, and the fourth element is implementation, that's where we come in.   

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Recovery Services | Emotional Sobriety 

STrengths + Passion = Purpose

A road trip you DON'T want to miss

Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your calling
— Aristotle

It's free, self paced, and you deserve it

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