The Modern Day Intervention Model

Sometimes you have to convince someone that they are worth saving before you can help them.
— Dr. Lisa Long

What should I do?

That's the question haunting anyone trying to save a loved one from addiction. Addiction creates an emotional tornado in the lives of those it touches. Even professionals specializing in addiction treatment can find themselves drowning in denial when addiction shows up in their home. We understand the emotional and psychological complexities surrounding addiction on a personal level. David would not be here today had his family not sought professional help. Taking action is hard, but not as hard as wondering if you did everything you could to help. Below you will find a brief outline of our three stage intervention process. 

Our Commitment To You:

  • Identify the problem and solution by focusing on what is most important.
  • Empower you by delivering an accurate picture of the current situation and professional recommendations on how to proceed.
  • Support and guide you through all stages of process.

Phase One (Before the Intervention)


This Phase can be conducted via Phone, Skype, or in Person. 

What sets us apart from other intervention services is our multidisciplinary approach. Unfortunately, most interventions today are attempted without the guidance of a psychologist, neglecting critical insights that would increase the success of the intervention. Dr. Long's training allows her to see things that family members or the interventionist can not. She can quickly identify the psychological factors that fuel the addiction as well as character traits that serve as treatment barriers.


Addiction Assessment and Biopsychosocial Evaluation:

  • Dr. Long will conduct a phone interview with the family member who is most knowledgeable about PYL (person you love), the family dynamics, and addiction timeline. 

  • Next, we have a interactive discussion about the PYL's dreams, strengths, and accomplishments in life prior to being overcome by addition. We will discuss the trauma and loss the PYL has experienced as direct result of addiction. This infomation is the most important of all, it's what we will use to create a moment of insight and a safe environment for PYL to say, "yes, I want help." 


We analyze information from the interview conduct further research and create a comprehensive report that will provide you the following information. 

 Comprehensive Addiction Intervention and Treatment Plan Report

 Comprehensive Addiction Intervention and Treatment Plan Report


Once our team completed the analysis, we will send you a copy of the comprehensive report. We like to give this to you a couple of days in advance of the conference in order for you to have time to process the information. The second client conference is dedicated to an in-depth review the information provided in the report. Our team is there to answer questions and provide clarity.

Our reports are empowering.  The report is your strong foundation, it is your tool. It will serve as a guide for you and your support group to save your loved one from addiction. During this process you will gain everything you need to ensure a successful intervention and recovery for your loved one. 

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