People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care
— Theodore Roosevelt

Our Intervention Team


Dr. Lisa Long

Dr. Long dedicated her life to helping people develop better versions of themselves. She has interests in the study of motivation and mechanisms of change. Dr. Long's expertise in addiction and intervention created the opportunity for her to serve communities and government agencies.  She was recruited by the Department of Defense as the Chief Psychologist for special military units. Her role was to provide crisis intervention and lead the trauma response team at a military camp in the Middle-East. She provided substance abuse assessments and substance abuse prevention. Working with intelligence agencies and the Criminal Investigation Division, Dr. Long implemented a program to address risk factors. Dr. Long then was contracted by the Department of Defense to work in Europe providing crisis intervention and risk assessments. Her work involved the development of substance abuse treatment protocols and Interventions. Dr. Long served as the head of treatment team for substance use treatment planning. Her knowledge and experience made it possible for her to offer supervision to Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. Dr. Long has a passion for helping people develop their skills and find purpose. 

Missing her hometown, Dr. Long returned to Charlotte to focus on opening her private practice. 

As an elementary school teacher, I work with a lot of psychologists and have never had such a good experience. My daughter is very shy and was very anxious about getting testing done. She met Dr. Long and warmed up quickly. Dr. Long put her at ease by making the testing seem like fun. My daughter didn’t even mind going back to finish. I was so thankful that we had this experience and Dr. Long helped us see all of my daughter’s strengths. Dr. Long was so supportive and helped us work with the school system.
— Kerry W
My entire life I have always struggled with communicating to others , especially psychiatrists and psychologists. I always felt judged, belittled , overlooked , not understood , or even sadly out down or Ostracized by not only my peers, but doctors as well. With that being said , the very first time I met Dr. long I immediately felt comfortable and at ease . Before I knew it I was talking about things I didn’t even know I felt , and I felt so much relief. After continued sessions o. An honestly say that not only do I feel better in general , I’m learning so much about myself and it’s invigorating . I’ve spent my entire life feeling less than , or not good enough , until I’ve been seeing Dr. Long . The quality of my life is legitimately the best it ever has been , and I am so beyond thankful that I have come across her. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr.Long to ANYONE and EVERYONE , she is the best Dr I have ever been to , and I am constantly looking forward to our sessions . Thank you so much ! Sincerely,
— Eleanor Martin

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David Luddy  | Interventionist | Mindfulness Instructor 

David Luddy  | Interventionist | Mindfulness Instructor 

David Luddy

David Luddy is an addiction interventionist and certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher. In 2013, David created Revised Perception, a recovery advocacy, consulting, and coaching company. His coaching methods are strength based, and incorporate positive psychology, and motivational interviewing. He consults with treatment centers specializing in the development of relapse prevention programs. His advocacy work includes increasing awareness of recovery via social media and community workshops.  His approach embodies three core principals: recovery is possible and you are worth it; and you have a purpose hidden in your strengths. Within two years his advocacy work generated 200,000 likes, 20,000 followers, and 13,000 comments. Revised Perception had become a lighthouse of hope in the recovery community. Revised Perception was a platform for people from all over the world to share their experience, strength, and hope with each other. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with David realizes this is not just a job to him, it is his purpose in life. He has seen the darkest corners of addiction from both sides. He is grateful to be in recovery and recently celebrated 15 years of sobriety. As David did more community outreach work, the demand for him to do interventions grew. His vision was to change the industry model on intervention. His review of the latest research on interventions suggests a multidisciplinary approach is most effective interventions. With this knowledge, he reached out to Dr. Long and they created the first multidisciplinary model of addiction intervention. 

Your words make me feel the essence of life, it’s like my body reacts to them... Thank you for being true. Especially true about this specific problem. My father is now a sober alcoholic. He has been in jail for economical mistakes that he made while being sick. He has also truly embraced the second chance and only by looking into his calm eyes makes me so deeply greatful. So many times he has been on verge of dying, and I’m so deeply greatful once again to be able to hold him now - to hold Him. To be seen by those clear wise and true eyes. It feels like it’s the first time I have truly met my dad. Nothing that “he” ever did could make mad at him any longer, once the truth has arosen within. Everyone deserves a true second chance. Thank you.
— Daniela Dahl
Thank you for giving me hope. I need all I can get for the day. I know my current situation is the biggest test I have ever been given. Some days I am OK and others just want to hide in my room. U have helped me more than u know. Truly, sincerely, thank you!
— Melody Lorence