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What are Triggers?

When a (Drug-induced Dopamine Spike) couples with (associative learning) a trigger is born. I know that sounds confusing just watch the video. 





  1. 1.

    cause (an event or situation) to happen or exist.

The longer you study addiction, you begin to grasp that the drug, drink, and behavior are but symptoms of a deeper dissatisfaction. The battleground of addiction starts between our ears and ends between our ears. It's important to investigate your specific triggers and have a plan of action in place should you experience them in early recovery.  

I didn't make this stuff up.. 


Harvard University 

Why does the brain prefer opium to broccoli? 

Stanford University 


Columbia University 



If the videos and articles don't appeal to your learning style use this infographic to get the "gist." 

Addiction Neuroscience Infographic

Addiction Neuroscience Infographic

Real Recovery | Let's talk about shame

Old Carl Jung HARD STYLE

Old Carl Jung HARD STYLE

Hey Carl, What's your thoughts on shame? 

“Shame is a soul eating emotion.” 
― C.G. Jung

Dang, Carl that's kind of #dramatic 

I see where he is coming from and If you have struggled with addiction, trauma, or mental health, you probably do too. Shame can be silent, acting just like a cancer under the surface, devouring up our resilience, happiness, and motivation. 

My first slow dance with shame was in the first grade. Dysgraphia remixed with ADHD  was the song, and Mrs. Smith, my first-grade teacher was my dance partner.  I had two left feet, so it was a long year. I was embarrassed that I couldn't follow simple instructions on our assignments.  Fearful of bringing attention to my deficits,  I struggled in silence. 

After a while, silence turned into frustration, and my new identity emerged, "tough" "class clown". Unfortunately, this only added to the cloud of shame building around me. Name went on the board everyday, parents found out, and now the shame cloud was following me home from school.

Check out this ted talk about shame from a huge inspiration of mine Brene Brown

My post's relating to shame in recovery

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What are your experiences with shame? Many researchers have found that talking about our shame reduces its stranglehold on us. Leave a comment or question below. 

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Love light and insight.