Mindfulness and Addiction Recovery| Take off the mask buddy

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"I had a decent number of years in recovery from addiciton before I truly understood what change is about. 

  “That's just the way I am.”

Was my internal dialogue whenever my lack of emotional sobriety caused problems in my life or in others. 

In 2013 that all came to head for me. It became apparent that I would be facing some major consequences if I didn't get right with myself and this world.  I learned to surf , got into therapy, and started meditating. Its was a smart move.  Two of the main insights I have received thus far are as follows: 

  • Never stop striving for increased self-awareness no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. 
  • My purpose in life is to ease the suffering of others.

I have worn many masks so far in this life, some positive and some negative. 2014 was the year I began to remove the mask by learning to embrace vulnerability and honor the positive aspects of myself. You either build or destroy. May we all be builders in 2015."

Fast forward 19 months:

  • I have not surfed in a year, and somehow I am still alive. 

  • Helping people is still definitely my purpose . It's harder work than I ever imagined it would be but it's completely worth it. 


Dang i put my mask back on.. 

Infographic on mindfulness in recovery-Revised Perception

Infographic on mindfulness in recovery-Revised Perception

There were a few "less than mindful" situations that I broke the mask back out  . Mostly in fear based situations, or after receiving criticism following a display of vulnerability. However,  I'm aware of this when it happens now. This awareness makes  ALL THE DIFFERENCE. It allows for an option I never had before therapy and studying mindfulness . This option is CHOICE.  

 I can react ( Foolish Nuclear option) by strapping myself  to a rocket fueled by unexamined emotions without a steering wheel.  {See the homie in top of infographic}  


I can respond (wise strategic option) by Pausing and seeking the truth as it is in the moment. {See the other homie in the bottom of infographic} 

Use these questions to keep the mask off. 

  • Can I be 100% certain that i'm reading this situation correctly? 
  • Have I injected my  "opinion" of this situation as if is the ultimate truth
  • Have I been wrong about this type of thing before ? 
  • Has reacting ever gone well for me in the past. (long term) 
  • Could it be possible that I have played a part in whatever is making me uncomfortable right now? 

If none of this works try the  24 hour policy. This is a straightforward self administered policy that states no matter how you feel you are going to wait 24 hours and reassess the situation before you take any action.