"10 questions to increase your relapse resiliency"

What is Resilience ?

Resilience Definition Infographic 

Good news, If you are reading this, you are are actively participating in resiliency training. Just by researching addiction & resilience you are telling you brain "You can do this." 

Three days ago I celebrated 15 years. 

How did i do it?

I would love to tell you that it was because I always did the next right thing, always stayed grateful, and was constantly helping other people.  However that's not the truth. There were years I didn't do any of  those things and found myself lost, whistling in the dark.  

What I think kept me from relapse over the years was learning how to adapt to change. I became an expert on bending, instead of breaking. I became resilient. Like any other skill Resilience can be improved with training. You don't have to go the gym to do this training; you can practice where you are sitting.Use the following inquiries to shift perception and build up your resilience reserve for life's inevitable speed bumps.


1. Looking back in hindsight, are there times it turned out to be a "good thing" that you didn't get what you      "wanted."

2. Does the universe owe you anything you haven't given your all too? 

3. Even if you do give your all and still check up short, how does bitterness and anger help you recover?

4. Could the worst thing that ever happened to you, later become the best thing? 

5. Remember when you broke up with your first teenage love. The one you said you would never get over?     How often do you lay awake thinking of them nowadays? 

  6.  How many situations that you worry and stress over actually happen?

  7.  Of the few that do happen, are they as bad as the months of stress you endured leading up to them?

 8.  How many "hard times" have you experienced in life never went away?

 9.  Do you think about your strengths as often as you worry about your perceived weaknesses? 

 10. How many people have you met that are perfect?

What do you think these questions have to do with resiliency? Any insights? Please comment share your experience.  

If you made it this far you deserve an awful knock knock joke - 

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Dwayne who?
Dwayne the bathtub, It’s overflowing!

 Love, light, and insight -